Public Bodies are main actors in Physical Activity (PA) policy development and implementation (National Health Institute)in Italy, which is the reference centre for the Ministry of Health: Besides them, the following categories have been identified as activating in the field of PA policy development and implementation.

1. Universities working on policy in the field of physical activity:
Almost all the Universities in Italy which are dealing with physical education somehow approach a policy aspect. Many institutions working in the field of medical research address the issue of PA, within different frameworks, and they frequently include applied research in collaboration with Public Bodies involved in public health promotion.

2. Public institutions that are responsible for policy, including policy development, implementation and evaluation related to physical activity:
In Italy Ministries are mainly responsible for this: (1) first, Ministry of Health; (2) the former Ministry for Youth and Sport which is not active at the moment and (3) a ministerial body, the CCM network (National Centre for Prevention of Diseases). CCM is a public body working to coordinate Health Ministry and Regions for activities in the field of: surveillance, prevention and quick response to emergencies.

There are also local authorities responsible for health services in Italy called, Local Health Agencies (ASLs). There are approximately between 10 to 20 ASLs for each Region.

Other local entities are Municipalities (town/village dimension) and “districts”, administrative divisions of big cities (Rome, Milan, Genoa, Naples, Venice, Florence, Bologna). They generally can take part in policy design for PA. Local Administrations are responsible for including those policies in territorial planning, education and other relevant policies.

3. NGOs that have their vision, mission or goals connected to policy related to physical activity:
UNICEF Italia with projects on sport. More information can be found in their organization website.
UISP (Unione italiana sport per tutti – Italian Organisation Sport for All). More information can be found in their organization website.

*This list is part of the stakeholders' analysis activity conducted by WP6, and represents the view of the REPOPA Italian partner.

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