Policy Making Support

The European Commission-funded REPOPA project found practical ways to support policy makers in their use of research evidence in developing physical activity policies. A simulation policy game, locally tailored policy making interventions, indicators to assess policies’ evidence bases, and national internet platforms are all examples of the REPOPA products. REPOPA was not only an academic project; it also developed the findings into usable tools such as indicators for evidence-informed policy making.

REPOPA invited to EC Cluster Meting on Nutrition and Physical Activity, Budapest 30 November-2 December 2016

REPOPA was among the invitees to the EC Cluster meeting, which was organized by Executive Agency of the European Commission (CHAFEA).

It showcased successful projects in the areas of nutrition and physical activity that can be carried out by policymakers, schools and community. For more information see the link.



REPOPA Coordinator Arja R Aro gives the REPOPA presentation in Budapest

Project REPOPA at 9th European Public Health Conference

Project REPOPA representatives participated actively in different sessions at the 9th European Public Health Conference from 9th to 12th November 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

The presentations attracted rather large and active audiences.

In a round table discussion on research ethics Arja R. Aro (SDU- Denmark) presented and discussed the lessons learnt in the REPOPA ethics clearance process; the title of the presentation was “Juggling with varying Ethical Clearance practices: experiences from a 7-country policy studies”.  

REPOPA project presented as best practice for life sciences in Rome

Meet in Italy for Life Science 2016 was an opportunity to foster innovation by sharing knowledge andcreating networks. The event was organized in Rome (October 26-28). It is mainly a meeting place for companies, politicians and researchers who work in the field of life sciences in the territory of Regione Lazio.

Researchers can support policymakers in their work!

Final Symposium of the REPOPA project, Brussels 9 September 2016

Researchers provide recommendations to policymakers to take health issues such as physical activity seriously and integrate it in everyday lives of people. This is more easily said than done! Policymakers juggle with numerous pressures, points of view and resources. Research evidence is not the primary driver of their work.



September 27, 2016
In this webinar REPOPA will present the methods, findings and lessons learnt from this project.
September 8, 2016
Main objective of the Project REPOPA final symposium is to present REPOPA as a show case with its outputs (results, tools and products) in relation to the knowledge-base (‘which gap does REPOPA fil
June 20, 2016
 The 8th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference (NHPRC) to be held in 20th – 22th of June 2016 at Jyväskylä, Finland.