WP 6: Dissemination

WP6 Objectives:

1. The dissemination strategy with a detailed external communication plan aims at ensuring the best visibility of the REPOPA activities and outcomes at EU level, targeting stakeholders and wider public, raising interest and awareness of the REPOPA activities and results;
2. Further, this WP will establish an umbrella platform to support country evidence-informed policy making platforms created in the course of the project;
3. It will also develop a European advocacy plan and support producing policy briefs to enhance evidence-informed physical activity policy making.

WP6 Description of the work:

1. The initial dissemination plan with external communication plan were agreed at the REPOPA kick-off meeting;
2. A detailed dissemination plan was developed during the first six months defining stakeholder analysis, objectives, general and specific audiences, key messages, tools and media, timing, and evaluating indicators;
3. A web-based umbrella platform was created to share up-to-date information, documents to be discussed, and debated with different stakeholders. Further, the platform includes guidance for writing policy briefs and for the development of the advocacy plan to lobby nationally and internationally for increasing evidence-informed physical activity policy making. The platform will support and facilitate establishing the REPOPA policy making platforms in the participating countries. Platform disseminated the carry out of an e-survey in the partner countries and in other EU countries mapping the activities and developments in evidence-informed policy making in physical activity, including other projects and networks (e.g. HEPA);
4. Conference symposia, workshops, in-country press conferences were organized.

D6.1. Midterm report on dissemination activities, country platforms, and repository functions.

If you would like more information on WP6 activities please contact:

WP6 Coordinator ( UBB, Romania):
Razvan M. Chereches, MD, PhD
E-mail: razvan.chereches@publichealth.ro


WP6 Co-coordinator:
Diana Dulf, PhD

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