D3.2. Report: Stewardship-based intervention. This report describes the process and outcomes of the stewardship-based intervention on efficient evidence utilization in three intervention countries (DK, NL, IT). The report can be downloaded here.

The aim of the research conduceted under workpackage 3 was to investigate if the Stewardship approach - based on needs, context and stakeholder analysis, with the aim of strengthening the use of research evidence and other kinds of knowledge in close researcher-policy maker collaboration - increases the level of evidence-informed policy making in selected, real-world case studies.

A particular focus point was testing of methods and techniques to identify and effectively engage specific stakeholders in the development of physical activity policy processes under investigation. The six selected policy case studies centred on Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) policies. Evidence-informed policy making in WP3 is understood as policy making informed by different sources of knowledge such as knowledge from research, knowledge from stakeholders, and knowledge of target groups’ needs and values.

European added value, next steps after the WP3 interventions and conclusion: Interventions in real-life and real-time policy making are demanding; lessons from REPOPA in three countries of Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands can be transferred and adapted when needed to study and influence evidence-informed physical activity policy making in other countries across Europe; most likely the lessons can be useful for policy making beyond the field of physical activity, specifically in the policies requiring collaboration across sectors and stakeholders. The WP3 intervention lessons will further be applied in the WP4 Delphi study, especially its national conferences to be run in the end 2015 and early 2016. Also, the results will feed into the REPOPA framework and indicator development, which started with the WP1 work and which will be finalized by the end of the project. The instruments (questionnaires) developed to measure the outcome of the interventions very likely would also serve as general tools outside intervention evaluations to measure the developments and trends in evidence-informed policy making.

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