1. Universities working on policy in the field of physical activity:

Research Unit for Health Promotion at the Department of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark.

Specific topics: Evidence-informed physical activity policy development.

Centre for Sports, Health and Civil Society at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark.

Specific topics: Civil society, limited to associations and voluntary organizations, physical play and self-organized movement, and evaluation of projects that look at promoting participation in sport in order to promote a desired development in society.

Research Centre for Prevention and Health, Capital Region, Denmark.

Specific topics: Health services research including research in health promotion. One of the first research institutes to focus on sedentarism as one of the main problems in the affluent society.

Research Unit for Exercise Epidemiology at the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at the University of Southern Denmark.

Specific topics: Active commuting, school-based PA promotion, screen time use and other sedentary behaviors, relationship between PA and cognitive function/academic achievement, - musculoskeletal injuries in children and adolescents, and - risk of cardiovascular diseases and premature mortality.

RICH - Research in Childhood Health at the University of Southern Denmark.

Specific topics: Research in relation to children and young people's health with particular focus on physical activity and diet.

Centre for Intervention Research in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at The Danish National Institute of Public Health , University of Southern Denmark.

Specific topics: Evaluating how children and adults may become more physically active by, among other things, changing the physical surroundings in schools, workplaces and in urban spaces.

Research Unit for Sport, Individual & Society at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen.

Specific topics: The human and social science of sport, body, and movement as cultural phenomena and as spaces for learning and creating identities.

Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen.

Specific topics: Development of effective and motivational training from a health perspective, creating strategies for training recruitment and retention, and encourage a physically active lifestyle.

Centre for Sports and Architecture at the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.


2. Public institutions that are responsible for policy, including policy development, implementation and evaluation related to physical activity

 Ministry of Health

 Ministry of Culture

 Ministry of Environment and Food

 Ministry of Transport and Building

 Ministry of Education

 Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs

 Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs


3. NGOs that have their vision, missions or goals connected to policy related to physical activity

Local Government Denmark

Local Government Denmark (LGDK) is the interest group and member authority of Danish municipalities.

Danish Regions

Danish Regions is the interest organisation for the five regions in Denmark.

The Danish Healthy Cities Network

The Danish Healthy Cities Network is a network of cities (municipalities) and regions (counties) politically committed to mutual cooperation in order to strengthen and develop the field of public health locally.

The Danish Cancer SocietyThe Danish Heart Foundation and The Danish Diabetes Association

Patient support, research and prevention.

National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF)Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association (DGI) and Danish Company Sports Association (DFIF)

In Denmark there are app. 16,000 sports clubs. At national level, the clubs are organised in three main organisations (DIF, DGI and DFIF) with many clubs being member of several organisations.

Danish School Sports

Danish School Sports is a national sport organization that aims at promoting health, learning and well-being through sport, play and movement in daily school life.

Danish Cyclists' Federation

The Danish Cyclists’ Federation is a member-based lobby organization fighting for the rights of Denmark’s 4.5 million cyclists (Total population of Denmark: 5.6 million).

Center for Political Studies (CEPOS) and Cevea

Independent Danish think tanks.


*This list is part of the stakeholders' analysis activity conducted by WP6, and represents the view of the REPOPA partners Denmark.



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