1. Universities working on policy in the field of physical activity:

Almost all the Universities in Romania which have a Faculty of Physical Education and Sport somehow approach a policy aspect of the physical activity domain.

  1. National Academy for Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest
  2. University of Craiova, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Craiova
  3. University of Arad, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Arad
  4. University Lucian Blaga Sibiu, Faculty of Sciences, Physical Education ad Sport Department, Sibiu
  5. University Ovidius Constanta, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Constanta
  6. University Dunărea de Jos, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Galati

The majority of Medical Universities, which are both educational and research institution, address the issue of physical activity mainly from a health promotion perspective. This perspective is usually found in health enhancing policies, that might include the benefities of physical activity to increase health for all. They collaborate with Public Bodies involved in public health promotion. Links to some of the Romanian Medical Universities can be found below: 


2. Public institutions that are responsible for policy, including policy development, implementation and evaluation related to physical activity:

The Ministry of Youth and Sport and its structures (i.e. national sport federations) are responsible for organizing the performance sport and the sport for all policies at national level ( Law no 69/2000, Physical Education and Sport Law, strenghten in 2009). Below are it's structures at national level and some structures at regional and local level working on policies development and implementation in the field of physical activity:

  1. Ministry of Youth and Sport 
  2. National Sport for All Federation
  3. National Center for Training and Development of Coaches
  4. County Youth and Sport Departments
  5. National Institute for Sport Research

Policies related to health promotion, which include the field of physical activity:

 Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health, with it's regional level authorities: the County Public Health Departments, are mainly involved in policies related to health promotion, also have targeted activities on physical activity. Another structure is the National Institute of Public Health and at regional level: Regional Centers for Public Health. 

3. NGOs that have their vision, mission or goals connected to policy related to physical activity:

Napoca Cycloturism Club

Runners Club Sport Association

Lamont Centre Cluj-Napoca, has become a key player in promoting dialogue and networking between organizations of disabled people in Romania in order to strengthen their capacity to act to improve the situation of disabled people and to contribute to a stronger disability movement throughout the country.


*This list is part of the stakeholders' analysis activity conducted by WP6, and represents the view of the REPOPA Romanian partner.

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