WP 3: Stewardship approach for efficient evidence utilization (finalized 2015)

WP3 Objectives:

To study if the stewardship approach - based on needs, context and stakeholder analysis, with the aim of strengthening the use of research evidence with other kinds of evidence in close academia-policy maker collaboration - increases the level of evidence-informed policy making in selected, real-world case study events.
A particular focus point was the testing of methods and techniques to identify and effectively engage specific stakeholders in the development of physical activity policy processes under investigation.

Description of the work:

Knowledge to Action framework and results of WP1 formed the basis of the exact framing of WP3. The intervention aimed at facilitating systematic cooperation in relation to evidence transfer and use among relevant stakeholders from different sectors: administrative, political, and research stakeholders plus representatives of specific citizen groups relevant for each policy process.

1. The planned interventions were on local or regional level. 2-4 emerging policy making processes were identified and selected; knowledge synthesis (needs assessment, context and stakeholder analysis) was done;
2. Tailored interventions with pre-post measurement were carried out in three countries (NL, DK, IT); with an additional follow-up measurements (12 months post-intervention).;
3. The interventions consisted of a tailored process and work plans combining the summarized research evidence, expert know-how, needs and contextual factors (e.g. political priorities, values, cultural features, politico-administrative procedures) for the policy making process as well as an intervention evaluation plans. Facilitation and training workshops for the involved stakeholders; meetings; local hearings of all relevant stakeholders; bi-weekly telephone/internet sessions; policy briefs and monitoring were carried out. Types and numbers of stakeholders were decided so that they are relevant for each context;
4. Intervention evaluation used the RE-AIM framework (Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation), REPOPA indicators, and Knott and Wildawsky steps of knowledge usage in policy making.

Results were fed into WP4 for implementation.


D3.1. Interim report on the results of the stewardship-based intervention.

D3.2. Report: Stewardship-based intervention.

If you would like more information on WP3 activities please contact:

WP3 leader (SDU, Denmark):
Arja R. Aro, Professor of Public Health

WP3 Co-leader:
Maja Bertram, Postdoc

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