In this webinar REPOPA will present the methods, findings and lessons learnt from this project.

What were the facilitators and barriers for research knowledge use in policymaking? How was policy gaming and Stewardship based interventions functioning as methods to increase use of evidence and intersectoral collaboration. What and how can we learn from REPOPA when working with evidence-informed policymaking in the future?

REPOPA ( is a 5-year study in Denmark, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania and UK with Canada as an evaluator.The purpose of REPOPA is to increase evidence-informed policymaking by integrating scientific research and real world policymaking by stakeholder and target group needs and context analysis, testing interventions and developing indicators for EIPM in different country-contexts.

Further details on how to tune in to the webinar to follow.

This webinar will follow the European Implementation Collaborative General Assembly. Further informationĀ here.