Health Promotion Research News dedicated to REPOPA
January 25, 2017 - 2:42pm

This issue (Issue 17)’s special theme is the REPOPA project as REPOPA was one of the few research projects not only studying policymaking; it also worked together with “real-life”-policymakers. And used locally relevant and applicable interventions to develop policies so that research knowledge could be taken into account. As a flagship project in the field REPOPA has often been mentioned as a good example of this kind of applied research with direct societal impact.
The current issue of HPR News summarizes the central results of the REPOPA but it also describes what it means to coordinate a seven-country study, what some of the official project terms mean in practice, who is who in this kind of project, and experiences of both, participating researchers (partners) from different countries and experiences of municipal policymakers who took part in the research project.
By this we want to ‘open up’ sometimes complicated EC-funded programs for those have no experience with them. Naturally REPOPA has published a number of scientific papers, lay articles, made short films and animations; it has also developed policy briefs for decision makers. This issue does not contain the references of the published work; all these materials can be found at the REPOPA website

And the full issue can be accessed here

We hope you enjoy reading the REPOPA story.