REPOPA project presented as best practice for life sciences in Rome
November 3, 2016 - 4:07pm

Meet in Italy for Life Science 2016 was an opportunity to foster innovation by sharing knowledge andcreating networks. The event was organized in Rome (October 26-28). It is mainly a meeting place for companies, politicians and researchers who work in the field of life sciences in the territory of Regione Lazio.

One of the invited speakers of the event was the politician Teresa Petrangolini of the Lazio Regional Council, engaged in REPOPA both as participant to the Italian National Conference and as Italian country-expert for the REPOPA Final Symposium that took place in September in Brussels.

Within a worskshop entitled Regione Lazio policies for the development of the life sciences value chain, Petrangolini stressed the role of evidences in supporting good policies, presenting her experience related to REPOPA and proposing the project experience as best practice for life sciences. She highlighted that a good policy is based on evidence intended in a wide way, from research results to the knowledge provided by stakeholders in terms of competences, information and solutions. She also gave a few examples of cases where innovation based on evidences changed the health policies (e.g. the introduction of domestic dialysis led to reduce the number of centers for dialysis) and of other cases where not taking into account the most updated knowledge produced mistakes and money wastes in Regione Lazio (e.g. the renovation of the Spallanzani hospital of Rome for hosting AIDS patients revealed to be unuseful because of the contemporary introduction of retroviral drugs). Evidences should lead to policy changes, “fostering citizens' well-being and avoiding money wastes”, she concluded.

Below is a picture from the event: